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Digitalization Services

We act as a Digital partner to our customers. We provide end to end services including design, consultancy, development, implementation and sustenance , for their efficient technology adaptation. Specializing in efficiency and productivity enhancements, we offer tailored strategies to align with your business objectives . Our experts provide comprehensive support, from roadmap development to seamless technology adaptation. Whether it’s Asset Health , Operational Efficiency, Energy Optimisation or Process Automation, we provide end to end support through on-site execution. Partner with us to unlock your business’s full potential in the digital age.

Predictive Maintenance Overall Equipment Efficiency Energy Savings Digital Operations Process Automation

At Digineous, our manufacturing domain experts specialise in predictive maintenance, using advanced analytics and machine learning to anticipate
equipment failures.

Our solutions empower businesses to understand Asset specific priorities , intelligently schedule maintenance activities, efficiently minimize downtime and maximize output. Our solutions focus on streamlined operations, enhanced asset reliability, and optimized use of resources. Partner with Digineous to transition to proactive maintenance and maximise ROI.

Our real time and remote monitoring solutions enhance overall equipment efficiency by accurately identifying opportunities in every part produced. This micro focus help in optimising metrics like availability, performance, and quality. Our solutions enable data-driven decision-making, and maximize equipment productivity, while creating knowledge bank for future reference. Partner with Digineous to optimize operations, reduce costs, and drive growth.

Our Energy Module provide close monitoring of Power and Pneumatic energy consumption and identifies opportunities for saving. Real- time tracking of metrics like power , air and water usage , wastage and leakages enables informed decisions for resource optimization. Partner with us for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

Our solutions have a feature of providing automated periodic reporting to the process owners about the real time status and attention areas. This feature eliminate manual reports, make leadership reviews more efficient and decisions more accurate through timely and accurate information. Digineous also provides specific focus on all the sustainability parameters like air quality, energy and water conservation etc. Please reach out to us for facilitating timely inputs to your process owners and achieving your sustainability targets.

We specialize in process automation, including but not limited to size & sort, pick & place, on-line process control and AI based visual controls. Our solutions eliminate manual work, reduce errors, and boost throughput, saving costs and enhancing quality. With advanced robotics, machine vision, and AI algorithms, we ensure precise execution of complex tasks. Partner with Digineous for streamlined processes and unmatched productivity.

  • Material Handling and Bottling / Packaging.
  • Pick and place.
  • On line Inspection and sorting.
  • Online inspection and reporting.
  • Robotic and semi robotic assembly.
  • Line balancing.